• Anne Mann grew up in a small farm town in the heartland of Nebraska. Her childhood family trips to the Rockies of the west were her favorite memories. Escaping the flat, expansive prairies for a few precious days in the summertime to run and play in the forests and rushing creeks fed her free spirit.


    Those lush memories would feed her ongoing engagement as an artist throughout her adult life. Spending years in graphic design and behind the motion-capture cameras in the video game industry, movement, and imagination always had to be under control. These days in her art studio that weight of restriction is lifted.


    Anne Mann creates paintings using mixed media of watercolor, ink, oils, and beeswax. She finds inspiration on her trail runs through the Pacific Northwest Mountains, weaving together memories of colors in various shapes and sizes. She studied under encaustic artist Alicia Tormey and is influenced by the brushwork in Asian Sumi-e paintings, along with her illustrations that are influenced by the bold splashes of color in graffiti street art. Anne studied fine art at the University of Nebraska; she transferred to the Academy of Art in Chicago where she earned her degree in Graphic Design. In 2009 she received a degree in Digital Design from Vancouver Film School. Her work is showcased and collected throughout the West.

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