• “Behind every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir

    This statement encapsulates my life and my work. My encaustics reflect my life as an avid mountain runner. Running along trails that wander across mountains filled with wildflowers, green meadows, rushing streams, and bursts of light squeezing through the trees fills my soul with great memories of movement and color. Drawing from these memories, I begin each work by forming a picture in my mind and envisioning a direction of flow in which

    I want the wax and pigment to go.

    My medium comes from the natural world — beeswax, pigment, oil, tree resin, and fire. Its organic nature makes it hard to predict where layers of color are going to flow. The control and the space of surrendering that control is what is beautiful to me in this medium. Painting with encaustic makes me quiet down my thoughts and surrender to the heat and flow of the wax. My subject matter is nature, abstracted, with the movement of muted, misty gradients and swipes of bold, juicy colors. I want my viewers to imagine themselves wandering through the colors and space of the painting. The significance of a shape may change over time, as when recalling a memory. Foreground and background may shift as if the viewers
    themselves are moving through space.